Brain Area Involved in Understanding Social Interactions Identified
Researchers implicate the posterior superior temporal sulcus in our ability to process social interactions efficiently

Myelin Continues to Grow Throughout Life
Researchers report myelin continues to form and restructure in the adult brain

Democratizing Science: Researchers Make Neuroscience Experiments Easier to Share and Reproduce
Researchers have developed an open access browser that allows display, sharing and analysis of MRI data.

Making New Memories is a Balancing Act
According to researchers, some synapses get smaller as we learn new information

Brain Connections in Schizophrenia
Researchers report reduced connectivity between the thalamus and prefrontal cortex may be a common feature in those with Schizophrenia

Memories Can Be Decoded from Brain Waves During Sleep
Sleep spindles assist with the processing of relevant memories during sleep and help boost memory consolidation

Brain Activity at Rest Provides Clue to Intelligence
A new study reports our level of brain activity while at rest is linked to our ability to perform well in cognitive tests

Researchers Find Algorithm for Large Scale Brain Simulations
Researchers have developed a new algorithm which can speed up brain simulations on supercomputers

Birth of New Neurons in the Human Hippocampus Ends in Childhood
Although observed in other species, researchers report hippocampal neurogenesis does not persist through adult life in humans. Researchers say human hippocampal neurogenesis is not detectable in the adult brain

Diversity of Cortical Neurons Captured in Comprehensive Computer Model
Allen Institute researchers have produced a collection of computer generated models that accurately replicate cortical neuron activity

What Happens in the Brain During Unconsciousness?
Researchers investigate how brain networks fragment while under a variety of unconscious states ?

Genetics Study Closes in on Schizophrenia
Researchers have identified 50 new gene regions they say increase the risk of developing schizophrenia

Seeing the Brain’s Electrical Activity
A new optogenetics approach allows the imaging of neurotransmission without the use of electrode

New Insights On the Neurobiology of Dying
A new study sheds light on the neurobiological processes that occur when we die

Brain Signal that Indicates Whether Speech Has Been Understood Discovered
Using EEG technology, researchers have discovered a specific brain signal that helps us to understand what we hear in conversation

How the Brain Tells Our Limbs Apart
Researchers have identified contrasts in interneurons that govern motor control

Schizophrenia is a Side Effect of Human Development
Researchers have identified altered gene expression in the prefrontal area of the brain in those with schizophrenia. The study reports schizophrenia may have evolved as ‘side effect’ of human brain development

Movie Memento Uncovers How the Brain Remembers and Interprets Events From Clues
Using the movie Memento, researchers discover how the brain creates memories to piece together complex storylines

When it Comes to Our Brains, There’s No Such Thing as Normal
When it comes to the brain, there is “no fixed normal”, researchers say

Electrical Implant Reduces ‘Invisible’ Symptoms of Man’s Spinal Cord Injury
Epidural stimulation has helped improve some of the ‘hidden’ effects, such as abnormal blood pressure and bladder dysfunction, in a patient with spinal cord injury

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