Журнальный клуб 31.01.2013

31 января в 15:00 в конференц-зале ИВНД и НФ состоится заседание ЖК. Докладывает подготовит Светлана Ястребова на основе статьи: Presynaptic Self-Depression at Developing Neocortical Synapses. Antonio Rodrı´guez-Moreno, Ana Gonza´ lez-Rueda, Abhishek Banerjee, A. Louise Upton, Michael T. Craig, Ole Paulsen, Neuron 77, 35–42, January 9, 2013

A central tenet of most theories of synaptic modification during cortical development is that correlated activity drives plasticity in synaptically connected neurons. Unexpectedly, however, using sensoryevoked activity patterns recorded from the developing mouse cortex in vivo, the synaptic learning rule that we uncover here relies solely on the presynaptic neuron. A burst of three presynaptic spikes followed, within a restricted time window, by a single presynaptic spike induces robust long-term depression (LTD) at developing layer 4 to layer 2/3 synapses. This presynaptic spike pattern-dependent LTD (p-LTD) can be induced by individual presynaptic layer 4 cells, requires presynaptic NMDA receptors and calcineurin, and is expressed presynaptically. However, in contrast to spike timing-dependent LTD, p-LTD is independent of postsynaptic and astroglial signaling. This spike pattern-dependent learning rule complements timing-based rules and is likely to play a role in the pruning of synaptic input during cortical development.

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