The Fearless SM: Woman Missing Amygdala
A woman with bilateral damage relatively restricted to the amygdala is the subject of a case study recently reported.

Associations between Dopamine D4 Receptor Gene Variation with Both Infidelity and Sexual Promiscuity
Human sexual behavior is highly variable both within and between populations. While sex-related characteristics and sexual behavior are central to evolutionary theory (sexual selection), little is known about the genetic bases of individual variation in sexual behavior. The variable number tandem repeats (VNTR) polymorphism in exon III of the human dopamine D4 receptor gene (DRD4) has been correlated with an array of behavioral phenotypes and may be predicatively responsible for variation in motivating some sexual behaviors, particularly promiscuity and infidelity.

Human Thought Can Voluntarily Control Neurons in Brain
Neuroscience research involving epileptic patients with brain electrodes surgically implanted in their medial temporal lobes shows that patients learned to consciously control individual neurons deep in the brain with thoughts. Subjects learned to control mouse cursors, play video games and alter focus of digital images with their thoughts. The patients were each using brain computer interfaces, deep brain electrodes and software designed for the research.

Early Education Fights Dementia
Brain research reveals a correlation between amount of education and dementia.

Neuroscience of Music – How Music Enhances Learning Through Neuroplasticity
Scientific review of how music training primes nervous system and boosts learning

Simpler Nervous Systems 2009
In 2009 the IX East European regional International Conference sponsored by the International Society for Invertebrate Neurobiology “Simpler Nervous Systems” will be held in St.Petersburg, Russia,September 9-13, 2009

Lecture - Seminar
Hannah Monyer and Peter Seeburg.

Rhythmic Interactions Between Cortical Layers Underlie Working Memory
A new study suggests a general model of working memory. The findings could help shed light on condition, such as schizophrenia, where working memory function becomes compromised.

Inherited IQ Can Increase in Early Childhood
Positive stimulation helps boost inherited intelligence in young children, researchers report

Can’t Get an Image Out of Your Head? Your Eyes Are Helping to Keep it There
A new study reveals the brain utilizes eye movements to help recall vivid memories of past experiences

‘Mind Reading’ Algorithm Uses EEG Data to Reconstruct Images Based on What We Perceive
Researchers have developed a new technique that uses EEG data to reconstruct images based on how we perceive face

Why Morning People Should Not Work at Night
Early risers take less time to complete memory related tasks than night owls, but tend to make more mistakes

Neural Networks: Why Larger Brains Are More Susceptible to Mental Illness
Weaker long distance connections in the mammalian brain may explain why bigger brains are more susceptible to mental illnesses

Map Of The Developing Human Brain Shows Where Problems Begin
A high-resolution map of the human brain in utero is providing hints about the origins of brain disorders including schizophrenia and autism.

Research Reveals White Matter ‘Scaffold’ of Human Brain
Researchers identify the white matter scaffold of the brain, a critical communication network which supports brain function

A Single Spray of Oxytocin Improves Brain Function in Children with Autism
A single dose of oxytocin can enhance brain activity while processing social information in children with autism, a new study reports

Study Finds Altered Brain Connections in Epilepsy Patients
Patients with temporal lobe epilepsy have widespread, abnormal connections in their brains

When Neurons Have Less to Say, They Say it With Particular Emphasis
Researchers discover neurons regulate their own excitability so that the activity level in networks remains as constant as possible

Similar Neuro Outcomes in Preterm Infants with Low-Grade Brain Bleeding as Infants with no Bleeding
A new study from researchers at UH Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital and other centers suggests that preterm infants with a low-grade bleeding in the brain may have similar neurodevelopmental outcomes as infants with no bleeding

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