10 place cells recorded simultaneously over 50 minutes of foraging
Rat hippocampus CA1

New method spotlights synaptic plasticity in living mice
Using a new line of mice that express a synaptic membrane receptor with a fluorescent tag, researchers have tracked changes in the strength of synapses across the brain over several days

Visual and linguistic semantic representations are aligned at the border of human visual cortex
These results suggest that these two networks are smoothly joined to form one contiguous map

Researchers predict rat behaviors from brain activity
If behavior is a language, neuroscientist is decoding its grammar.

How the world’s biggest brain maps could transform neuroscience
Scientists around the world are working together to catalogue and map cells in the brain. What have these huge projects revealed about how it works?

Digital Reconstruction of Neocortical Microcircuitry
Visualizations of the first square millimeter of simulated rat brain


Neural Plasticity Depends On This Long Noncoding RNA’s Journey From Nucleus to Synapse
Study sheds new light on the role noncoded RNAs play at the synapse

How Neural Systems Process and Store Information
A single neuron is able to select between different patterns, dependent upon the properties of individual stimuli

Genetic Predisposition to Schizophrenia May Increase Risk of Psychosis From Cannabis Use
While cannabis users reported more psychotic experiences than non-users generally, the effect was more pronounced in those with a genetic risk factor for schizophrenia

The Neural Basis of Psychopathy
Neuroimaging study reveals structural and functional differences in brain areas associated with emotional regulation in those with personality traits linked to psychopathy or antisocial personality disorder

How Spanking May Affect Brain Development in Children
Corporal punishment may detrimentally harm brain development, a new study reports

Study Showing How the Brain Retrieves Facts and May Help People With Memory Problems
A shared set of brain regions play a vital role in the retrieval of weak memories

Autism Gene Study Finds Widespread Impact to Brain’s Growth Signaling Network
Mutations in the autism-related Dyrk1a gene lead to brain undergrowth in mice

Chronic Sinus Inflammation Appears to Alter Brain Activity
Researchers link the inflammation associated with chronic sinus infections to alterations in brain activity in networks that govern cognition, external stimuli, and introspection

A Blood Test For Depression and Bipolar Disorder
A new blood test can distinguish the severity of a person’s depression and their risk for developing severe depression at a later point

Key Brain Molecule May Play Role in Many Brain Disorders
miRNA29 is a key cellular switch in controlling late-stage brain development

Leptin Puts the Brakes on Eating via Novel Neurocircuit
Researchers have identified novel neurocircuitry between midbrain structures which are modulated by leptin to control eating behaviors in mice

Study Links Prenatal Phthalate Exposure to Altered Information Processing in Infants
Fetal exposure to phthalates alters cognitive processing in young children, a new study reports. Children whose mothers were exposed to higher levels of phthalates during pregnancy exhibited slower information processing skills. Male children were most likely to experience difficulties

Outside Factors May Help Children Develop Internal Control
A new theory proposes executive function, or the ability to control your behavior, might not exist just within the mind. External influences may dictate the development of internal control

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